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Today's deal: One Night's Accommodation incl. Three, Four or Five-Day Whanganui River Canoe or Kayak Hire for an Adult - Options for Child or Two Adults


Sue Lee commented 5 months ago. Hi there, could you tell me the difference between the 1 adult for $179 and two adults at $640 for 2 adults. Do they include different things? I've looked at your website and I can't find any pictures of the accommodation. What kind of accommodation is provided in this deal? Thank you.
Holly from GrabOne Escapes commented 5 months ago. Hi Sue, thanks for your discussion board post! The team at Owhango Adventures will be online shortly to assist here. If you would like to contact the merchant directly, you can do so by using the contact information on the deal page. Thanks!
Grant from Owhango Adventures commented 5 months ago. hi sue lee, sorry a definite mistake on the pricing, should be 340 for 2 adults and 640 for 4 . accommodation depends on availability but is far better than you get on the river

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